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February 27, 2009



OH I"M SO HAPPY!!! When I first heard of your MASSIVE sale, I thought "OH NO, are they closing?" So glad to hear you're releasing some new stamps soon!!!
I would like to see a birthday themed set with LOADS of birthday greetings and some images. I can NEVER have enough birthday greetings. And I LOVE how the Card greetings are done, each sentiment with a mix of fonts. THAT would be a perfect set :)

Trace Geworsky

hmmm what kind of set would I like to see in the future? Thats a tough one as your sets are always so fun and original...hmmmm maybe a set of funky looking houses with trees??
Trace G


Oh I just placed an order!! I think you really excel in fonts/lettering designs -- so more of those. They are super unique! Also, more cute comic-y images would be great (like Lil Monsters). They would be great for guys of all ages!! Glad you see you are designing more!!!


I love your big dots. More patterns like that would be fun. I agree with Pegg. You really excel at the lettering and designs. I love all your stuff!


I love stamps and would love to see girlie stamps that aren't princess related (dolls, dresses, etc. I'm still a kid at heart!! lol



I was so scared you were closing the shop when I saw you were having a huge sale, so glad you are not, you know how much I love your stamps Tammy :)

I would love to see more word stamps, more flourishes, maybe some labels, more images, and of course lots more background stamps.


I say, keep on doing what you're doing....I love all your mixed up fonts and use your card sentiments a lot!!

Tina Mayo

I just ordered the whales set..I would like some other fishes..like crab , etc. and maybe some frogs..dinosaurs. love kid like stuff, thanks for the opportunity to win..


I would love to see more labels or frames and sentiment stamps!

Carita Hult

I vote for florishes too, backgrounders are always nice too. As I donĀ“t have use for english sentiments, alphabets would be more fun :)And I have a thing for birds and trees at the moment, so maybe something like that.. :)

hayley kiernan

It is lovely hear from you again. I love your blog and your stamps, the best I have ever come across. Great prices, lovely designs and come with ez mount. I am so glad you are carrying on bring us some more new stamps. It would of been so sad if you closed.
New stamps ideas? Well this is so hard to say as your ideas are really great and have loved all of them. I really love backgrounds, flourishes, labels and border stamps. Maybe some frames and some more sentiment stamps and maybe release some holiday sets, like easter, halloween, thanksgiving, christmas and some boy stamps. You know I would be pleased with anything. Can wait for you new set!!

Rachel Shirk

I am just so glad that there are still going to be GGS coming out! :D

I love you style just the way it is. I really hope that won't change. Some more sassy sentiments with fun pet images done in the same style as the monsters and holy tomoli would be GREAT!


I would love to see more words for greeting cards. I don't believe you can ever have enough of these! Look forward to seeing the new ones!

Patty.cakes of Columbus, GA

Tammy. . .I have used the whale stamp and really like it, as I made a cute card for a person going on a cruise. I would use the sentiment on the baby stamp, just not the shower invitation info. I think animals with sentiments would be great. I especially like the size of the whale set because if you don't want a lot of different animals, that size is perfect for what ones you do want, especially cats, dogs, & I have a need for hamsters, gerbils (same group), & fish such as gold fish or betas. Things with numbers & ABC's, as I do a lot of cards for kidlets from 7-10 years. Thank you for taking your time to listen. Sorry this is so long.


I'd like to see trees and flourishes, maybe some labels too.

Megan B

I just ordered several of your stamps...love them! :) I would love to see more background or texture stamps, and borders would be awesome.


I always love any kind of card sentiments and butterflies are hot right now.

Tami Jo

I am always pumped when I see designs that can be used with common punches and "other" company embellishments.
such as images that fit in a marvy scallop oval, as an example.

I think your style lends to trend setter rather than trend follower. I would like to see more obscure animal imagery like skip the butterfly, owl, bambi, hedgehog trends and go for say... racoon, beaver, catfish and make them the new "IN" animals...
or what ever...

I am also always on the look out for a good wagon -trike -swing set -tree house type play thing kid sets... with a bit of a 50's-70's flair...
you know -when gun slinging cowboys cut the hair off their sisters barbies.... and apron clad mamma's baked the BEST cookies on the block...

Tami Jo

give some thought to a paper doll set... (after reading susie's request for girlie sans princess...)

I love ideas... I wish I had the time to doodle them up myself! looking forward to seeing what comes of all these awesome suggestions!!!!

Sharon in NE

I love the "Dick and Jane" retro look.


i think some cute owls would be fun.

Lynette C

I love to see background, corners, greetings, floral and bugs. Also I like to see more projects ideas. Thanks.


I have just come across your stamps. I have not tried them yet, but I would love to have some cute 'scrapbook' cartoonish characters.

Erika M

I'd like to see cupcakes, owls, and birds!

Deb Neerman

Love your stamps! Don't own any ... yet, but they're on my 'wish' list.

I'd love to see birds, 50's retro-kitsch, and funky trees.


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