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July 25, 2007


Rachel V

I love journaling stamps with lines and different shaped borders.


I think a journaling stamp that was in a spiral would be nice.

Alli Miles

A flourish or spiral stamp for journaling would be awesome! Thanks for this chance to win some goodies!

Lisa Henke

Oh, this jounaling set is too cool! I want it! As for more journaling stamps, well I love the doodle look, so maybe some doodle-like lines would be cool.

Laura Mendoza

oh so cool! I love these.
How 'bout the french inspired frame with lines inside...might be cool!
Love your stuff!

Linda SS

I love journaling in different patterns other than straight lines. Perhaps in a circle or a wavy line.

The bird really sets off the set & makes it extra-special.


I really like the chick. It's cute!!
I would like to see non-traditional shapes for journaling. wavy, swirls, zig-zag etc.


These are super cute! What other kinds? Lines with separate frames, some rectangle/square, some round. Variety!


NOTEWORTHY! That about sums it up! Love that!


Your stamp is too cute. I'm not particular on any certain style at the mement.

Lori Atwood

That's adorable! I love whimsical type stuff so that would be my favorite kind of stamps. I'd also like to see wavy. Also, what another person said about something that would fit some of the standard notepads that are out there - great idea!


I'd like wavy lines and other designs too, like a circular spiral, perhaps a cloud shaped one, or different animals w/lines in their bodies....for zoo or farm or horse or whatever animal themed pages.

Kendra - SCS: apigonfire

Oh my gosh!!! That little bird is just too cute!!!

I know that journaling goes with cards mostly, but I would love a set that you could use on cards - maybe some smaller journaling lines. What about some stamps that fit into the nestability dies/marvy punches! That would be cool!


I would love to see some journaling stamps in different shapes, like circles. Cute set!

tammy b

hey, that's a pretty good price...cute set :)
i would like large punctuation marks attached to say the left or right of some journaling lines (like the same size as the block of lines..except for a period which is just big at the end of the last line); also, i love graph paper, so a graph paper style journaling block would put me in la-la land!

Janet Allen

Maybe journaling with computer mumbo-jumbo like smiley faces :-) Bunny ears =:) and funny ways we communicate.

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