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July 25, 2007



I would like to see a journaling set with wavy lines and non uniform shapes. More flourishes too!

I love the little chickie on this set - too cute!!

Sherry Cartwright

OhmygoshohmygoshOHMYGOSH! Tammy, I love these journaling stamps. That little bird with the dotted lines is darling.

More journaling stamps I'd like to see --- hmmmm. Round with dotted lines, maybe a circle with flourishes around it. Block with date and room for journaling the facts. Something with stars.

Oh, I could go on and on and on ...


I would love to see journaling stamps in shapes (circles, ovals, rectangles) and maybe scalloped shapes. And also maybe with flourishy brackets to surround them. Great set you've created!!


Hey Tammy, super cute! I would like to see journaling stamps that the lines are made out of all different sorts of objects/shapes. Lines of little stars, hearts, dots (you have done), squares, etc. Plus with extras like brackets, monograms, or flourishes that you could add around the journaling lines.


Ooohhh!!!! How about wide but narrow journaling spots? Or how about a giant circle spot so that I, with my big handwriting, can fit more than two sentences on!? Are ya catching my drift??? ;)

Adelina Starace

I love the text on these stamps! I'd like to see some journaling stamps with flourishes, tall, narrow and with lines.


Tammy those are the cutest. I like the dotted lines because they're pretty universal and can be used for any application. I would like to see more with the little icons, like a pen, an open book or maybe a little talk-bubble? Maybe lines with the vertical text that says "He said" and "She said"


Cool! I'm liking what I'm hearing; in fact, I've actually got a few of these done in draft stage, so I'll have to polish them up. Great new ideas, too, thanks guys.


I also like ledger-style and vintage-looking journalling stamps...with some simple yet vintage-looking frames.

Thanks for the sneak peeks!

Melanie aka Batgirl

That bird is too cute! For me Background stamps would be great for journaling and scrapbooking. Oh the talking bubble was a great idea!


ooohhh, Tammy these are too cute! I'd love to see journaling in circles and I love notepad ideas for journaling. Cant wait to see what you come up with!!

Lauren (mytime)

OMGosh! I love that set!!!!!!
I love whimsical images and stuff
I like some titles

Journaling titles for the notes
LOVE the thought bubble-cue idea.

Just a note
I was thinking
Note to self
My thoughts

Im not really a scrapper.......but those are some Id like to see that could also be used on cards????

Paula G.

I would love to see a journaling stamp that is like the cartoon captions where you see the light bulb than the thoughts under the light bulb. Or a circle journaling that goes from big outside to small inside.

Denise W.

I'd like to see circling journaling, square journaling...postcard journaling, flower stem journaling...

Dottie K

I would like journaling sets in circles and squares to use with my punches. Thanks for chance to win such a cute set of stamps! :)


How about some heart or flower journaling stamps - something frilly/girly. Everything seems so straight edged. I don't know that I have ever seen them??? This are great too, and you could use them for both scrapbooks and cards. Very cute!

beth  jacobs

SOoo cute....I would love to see journaling stamps in different shapes.


I would LOVE some whispy swirl journalling stamps! THey would be great for scrapbooking coming from the side of a photo!


I would love to see dotted lines and solid lines, similar to the lines that we used to practice our handwriting in grade school-great for journaling those 'school days!"

Lorie Ames

How about a fancy scrolly type of box with light lines? I bet that could be pretty! Neat stamps!


I would love to see funky mood stamps for our journals to set the tone - happy, silly, pensive, romantic/in love, mad, and helloooo PMS (lol!)

Donna Baker

how cute! I LOVE the little chick! I'd love to see shapes like paisleys, swirls.


I love these stamps!
I would like to see some boyish journaling stamps. Like stars and a rocket/spaceship or one that is little stars all in a circle with lines.


Shapes would be very cool! All kinds of shapes - tags, stars, circles, swirls, anything!!


0h!!!! please pick me!!!! I want circles and flourishes...wait, circles with flourishes... YES!

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