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April 27, 2007



Happy Birthday girlie!! very pretty card - Jack is such a cutie and great news that you are moving closer to your hubby's work so that means more time together! I'll be the one sending good moving thoughts to you this time! ;)

Sherry Cartwright

Happy, happy birthday Tammy!
You're a doll! Cute card, too --- love the stitching and that heart.

Lauren (mytime)

Happy Birthday!!!!
Nice to get to know you more!
Love your card idea. Very pretty.


Oh my gosh, I just reread this entry ---- you lived in Austin?! I live about 70 miles north of there and looooove all the culture and art in Austin.

Small world.


Cool, I didn't realize you were that close. We were there for 9 years while my dad was getting his doctorate in botany at UT Austin. The humidity was a shock, but I loved everything else; so green and beautiful, not the desert I was picturing. :) I remember downtown being way cool, but my parents didn't let me participate much in the "culture" so unfortunately I didn't get down there too much. But yeah, incredible art and music and cool architecture. Geez, you're making me want to go back.

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